Packaging for bio pharmaceuticals

Packaging solutions for global bio-pharmaceuticals manufacturer

Palletized shipping was causing damage to pharmaceutical samples. Moovit Logistics helped to create a custom solution to protect the shipping and storage for this global manufacturer.

Clients Needs and Our Goals

Damaged shipment problems persisted for several years at great financial loss to the Client. Countless attempts were made to rectify the issue, including pallet toppers, pallet cone protocol, new pallet-building procedures, even labels. None of these measures reduced incidences of damage.nThe Client, unsure of the root of the problem, had instructed the warehouse to utilize u201cDo Not Topu201d labels and cones. Unfortunately, adherence to these types of instructions and products create significant cost increases for carriers, drastically reducing the amount of freight on a vehicle by 50%.

Project Solutions and Results

After a thorough investigation, we concluded that there was damage throughout the pallets. A significant percentage of the damage was due to sloppy double stacking of pallets, which crushed and ripped the tops of boxes, corners and side walls.nMoovit introduced the client to a product it had initially developed to provide added security for controlled substance shipments. The product, a u201cdouble-walled pallet sleeve,u201d allowed Moovit to quickly, easily and cost-effectively provide double-walled corrugated protection to all sample shipments.


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